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When it comes to the security of your home, you want the peace of mind of knowing that the locks will protect your family and keep them out of harm’s way, call Dade Locksmith. If your locks are faulty, loose, or have trouble staying locked, you need the service of a dependable locksmith who will ensure that your home, family, and belongings remain safe and secure. Sometimes moving into a new residence will require a change of locks for your assurance. For this you want the service of a trusted and reputable locksmith company, one that has serviced communities with years of experience.

Dade Locksmith Dade Locksmith Company has been helping customers protect their valuable possessions for over a decade. Founded in 2005 by proprietor Bill Rolan, the company has established itself to be one of the most dedicated locksmiths in the area. Dade Locksmith provides services for homes, commercial properties, automobiles, and are available in emergencies. With prompt and efficient service, you can count on Dade to take care of the locksmith needs in a professional and cost effective manner. The friendly technicians use the most modern up to date state of the art equipment and tools to quickly safeguard the contents of your property.

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Many people have been known to lock their automotive keys inside the auto, and not realize it for a period of time. If you find yourself stranded in the dark without your car keys, just call the experts at Dade. Without hesitation, they will arrive in the most expedient manner ready to assist you, and get you into your auto. The newer car keys are made with chips that everyone cannot make replicas of, but the team of locksmiths at Dade are duly qualified to handle any type of lock service. In any emergency situation, whether it is home, commercial, or auto, you can depend on us to render service day or night.

Security is our business, and your safety is our goal. We are a small business that covers a large area. Dade Locksmith will go above and beyond to make you feel confident with us. Dade Locksmith are insured and bonded and treat our customers like family. We pride ourselves in being the locksmith professionals whose availability is our strong point. Dade wants to be their when you need us most. No need to spend countless, tireless hours waiting for a locksmith to show up, we save you time as well as money. Our services also include the installation of locks on new additions to homes, safeguarding the contents of garages and fences and gates. No lock is beyond our service.

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When you find that your home security is at risk due to locks that do not work properly, give us a call and we will have the problem fixed in a short while. Build up your home’s defense against problem situations, invaders and intruders, by having your locks checked periodically just to ensure that they are stable. The Dade Locksmith Company is your number one lock service provider. Call us today.